Seakeda sensors are used in mining, steel mills, petroleum industry, waste disposal, etc., using measurement technology to help environmental protection and promote sustainable development.

3. Ir Range Sensor

Material Level Detection

In addition to the statistical monitoring of temperature and humidity, the grain intelligent management system in the granary can monitor the grain balance, volume and weight by a laser ranging sensor. The sensor can be installed at the top of the warehouse to measure the grain level change, and the height and dynamic scanning can be directly obtained from static measurement. The volume is measured and the data can be displayed on the mobile terminal. Seakeda high-precision laser sensor can be applied to large, medium and small granaries, easy to use, high frequency and strong applicability. Recommend Product

Smart Lawn Mowers

Smart lawn mowers play an important role in farms. Single-point laser ranging sensors can assist lawn mowers in real-time detection and accurate acquisition of obstacle information, which can provide early warning and change operation responses. The interior of the laser sensor has undergone iterative optimization of optics, structure and algorithm. The distance measurement range is more accurate, the ability to resist optical interference is stronger, and the power consumption is small. Real-time and stable measurement data output is realized, and it can be adapted to TTL/RS232/RS485 and other interfaces, the laser ranging module has the advantages of miniaturization, long distance, and accurate detection, and the module assembly is also more convenient. So the laser single-point ranging sensor is an ideal choice. Recommend Product

intelligent robot mower
Garbage Overflow Detection System

Garbage Overflow Detection System

The application of laser distance sensor to monitor the garbage in the trash can can replace the garbage removal personnel to regularly check the garbage bin, effectively reducing the management cost of garbage removal and transportation. Avoid the appearance of unfilled garbage bins resulting in reduced cleaning efficiency, and the garbage in the full garbage bins will overflow, causing environmental pollution.
By installing our Seakeda laser ranging sensor on the top of the garbage bin, the distance between the top position of the garbage in the container and the laser ranging module can be monitored in real time, realizing remote monitoring of the garbage capacity in the garbage collection bin and making the garbage bin more "smart". Through the laser distance measurement sensor, the full load of garbage is monitored, and when the garbage can is about to overflow, the workers are notified to deal with it in time to avoid impact of garbage on the environment and life.
Our company focus on R&D production of laser ranging modules for 19 years, which can be used to detect the overflow of items in the recycling machine and garbage bin, and there are customers in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries that attach importance to garbage classification. Recommend Product

Crane Claw Positioning

Laser ranging sensor can be used for crane gripper positioning by measuring the distance between the gripper and the object, it needs to pick up or move. This type of sensor uses laser beams to calculate the distance by measuring the time it takes for the beam to bounce off the object and return to the sensor.
The laser ranging sensor can be mounted on the crane arm and positioned to aim at the object. The sensor can then provide real-time feedback to the crane operator, indicating the exact distance between the gripper and the object. This information can be used to adjust the position of the gripper, ensuring that it is in the correct place to pick up or move the object.
Using a laser ranging sensor for crane gripper positioning can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of the crane operation. It can reduce the risk of damage to the object being moved, as well as improve safety for the crane operator and other workers in the area. Recommend Product

Crane Claw Positioning